Elektron and Goldbaby bring you The Cult Of SP1200

Elektron has teamed up with renowned sample producer Goldbaby to offer Cult of SP 1200, an Octatrack Sound pack brimming with old school vibes. All samples are straight out of the SP 1200 and, since Goldbaby are behind them, sound excellent of course. 

Cult of SP 1200

This Octatrack sound pack is brimming with sounds originally sampled with the legendary drum sampler SP1200. Thanks to the joint efforts of Elektron and Goldbaby, the classic, gritty vibe heard on countless vinyl releases is now available for your Octatrack.

All the samples have been assembled by the renowned sample creator Goldbaby. To bring out the best in each sound, some of the samples have been treated with the analog filter of the SP 1200 and some have been left untouched by filtering. The result is a collection of crunchy sounds ready to be processed by the futuristic Octatrack sample engine.

The sound pack is specifically made for the Octatrack. Included is an Octatrack set featuring 1 project, 16 patterns and 4 parts. Also included are 16 scenes per part, providing a great starting point for experimenting with the demo patterns.

Cult Of SP1200




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