MiniMapper: A PPG In The Palm Of Your Hand

Now you can have music beating out of your hand with this new app from Wolfgang Palm, the originator of wavetable synthesis and founder/owner of PPG. PPG MiniMapper is an easy to use performance synthesizer with a wide range of sounds for iOS devices including iPhone and iPod Touch*.

PPG in the palm of your hand

PPG MiniMapper features the same audio engine that powers the highly popular PPG WaveMapper synth, but with limited editing, aimed as the ideal partner to the PPG WaveMapper. Sounds created in the WaveMapper can be imported into the PPG MiniMapper for the ultimate in handheld performance.

Product Highlights

PPG MiniMapper comes with 10 pages:
• Sound Map – Manual Mode
• Sound Map – Accelerator Mode
• Sound Map – Magic Mode
• Arptor – Start/Stop/Rec, Range, Up/Down/Random
• Audio Recorder / Keyboard Editor
• Modifiers Page – two X/Y controller with selectable routing
• System Setup – Number of Voices, Sample Rate, other constants
• MIDI Setup – In / Out and controller
• Easy data exchange between PPG MiniMapper and PPG WaveMapper
• Preset Browser –
• Bank Manager – copy presets between banks

Each Page has its own Help text

PPG MiniMapper is the third next-generation iOS based synth from Wolfgang Palm, who has released the PPG WaveGenerator and PPG WaveMapper to critical acclaim from both press and public.

PPG MiniMapper offers iPhone and iPod Touch users a new way to explore and perform in the studio, on stage or simply on the go. PPG MiniMapper allows the user the opportunity to use limitless sounds from this unique and powerful new technology.

About WaveMapping

Wavemapping uses visual cues to enable sound design. This may not sound too revolutionary, however it is a completely different way of programming sounds: you do not start with a lot of detailed setting, but with a combined set of parameters which you can select with the touch and swipe of a finger. And the combination of those parameters belonging to a Module make sense of course, it gives the user (being experienced or not) a very fast way for creating unique sounds.

PPG MiniMapper is a powerful new synth for professional iOS musicians and is the ideal partner app for those who already own either PPG WaveGenerator or PPG WaveMapper.

Release date estimated April 20th 2013. Price: $3.99 USD

*Compatibility And Hardware Requirements: iPhone 4, 4S or iPod Touch 4 minimum, iPad users can run it as an iPhone App in reduced screen resolution.

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