Two New House Music courses from Producertech Available

This month, Producertech have unveiled two fantastic additions to their range of online courses, both of which uncover the secrets behind producing professional-quality house music with Logic Pro. The first of these courses is by none other than Dale Anderson, one of the leading figures in the house music scene for over a decade, having appeared on multiple compilations including Ministry of Sound, Renaissance, Defected and Armada. The second course is by one of the most prolific and award-winning in-house contributors to the Loopmasters sample pack range, Andy Lee.

Dale Anderson creates Classic House in Logic

Dale Anderson‘s course provides a step-by-step guide to producing the classic anthem ‘Makes Me Feel’, which was a hit originally made with Anil Chawla that received support from pro DJs such as Nic Fanciulli, Roger Sanchez and Danny Tenaglia. In each lesson, Dale goes through how the various parts of the classic deep house track were conceived, constructing the beats, bassline, pads and other accompanying parts. He then demonstrates how the arrangement was formed, and the final mix created, showing how to balance parts, use compression and EQ to help them sit in the mix, and how reverb, delay and spreader effects can be used, both as inserts and send effects, to achieve the necessary width and depth. The course ends with a bonus lesson that explains the musical theory behind the track, uncovering the chords used to create the harmonic progression, from which all other leads and melodic parts are derived.

House Production in Logic Pro by Andy Lee

Andy Lee‘s course begins with a comprehensive lesson that creates the meat of the track, that being the beats, bass and main groove, which is done using a mixture of audio sample editing and MIDI programming techniques. He then goes on to show how those elements are arranged and mixed to make a professional-quality track. The first mixing lesson focusses predominantly on compression, showing a number of ways of using the effect in various modes, both directly on tracks and on auxiliary channels, after which he moves on to showing how space is created in the mix, using panning, sample delay, spreading effects and reverb.

Following this, there is a lesson that has great advice on producing a master of the track, not only covering the limiting and maximising aspects, but also looking at how to split the mix up into mono and stereo components and then process them separately before recombining, in order to make sure the different frequencies in the mix are all positioned appropriately for maximum width and clarity. The course ends with a bonus masterclass on creating your own fat kick drums.

As with all Producertech courses, lessons are presented via streamed movies, that can be accessed 24/7 for as long as required. Additionally, signing up provides access to a download pack containing the Logic Projects created in the lessons, along with large bonus packs of 200MB of extra loops and hits, for making a variety of different genres of house.

For more information, visit the course pages at Dale Anderson | Andy Lee







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