Access Virus Darkstar 2 Available Again!

For all those who were not able to grab one last time, Access have another batch of Virus TI Darkstars for you. The special edition can be obtained through the Access online store and participating dealers.

Join the league of shadows

If Darth Vader and Batman’s über-enemy Bane would form a band, this would be their ultimate stage synth. The industry Gun Metal style finish would make any Terminator’s mom proud. Finally, the evil-eye style LEDs and the blood red logo light on the back scare king cobras away.

The Darkstar is based on a Virus TI Polar. The technical specifications are identical to the Virus TI Polar 2009, the color scheme of the housing does differ, as you can see.

The Gun Metal look, wood and aluminium are the main ingredients for the special edition. Perform with a Darkstar and you can be assured that your presence on stage will not fade into the void.

Come over to the dark side, resistance is futile.






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