Focusrite RedNet On Tour at the Galaxy Studios – Video

Just a few weeks ago we brought your our story of our visit to the Galaxy Studios in Belgium, during the Focusrite Rednet Tour. Our reporters Marc van den Hurk and Wouter Veltmaat went to the Galaxy Studio where they got a hands-on demonstration of the Focusrite Rednet audio system. Now Focusrite have released a video of the demonstration at the Galaxy Studios.

RedNet Tour at the Galaxy Studios

Focusrite recently visited Galaxy studios in Mol, Belgium, with M-Works, to demonstrate a live band recording/performance via RedNet. The system comprised a RedNet 1,2,3 and two RedNet 4s in the live room, and a RedNet 5 in the control room — all connected via the studio’s own Ethernet network. A full live band (keys, synth, guitar, bass guitar, drums and pads) performed in the live room, with the RedNet 4s receiving the microphone inputs and the RedNet 1 the line inputs (RedNet 1 was also used to output headphone mixes back to the performers).

The Cat6 cables built into the walls of the studio take the signal into the control room and into a switch, where the connected RedNet 5 bridges the Dante flows from RedNet to Pro Tools|HD, alongside 3 Digidesign 192 I/O interfaces (these are all synced to the house clock). The RedNet Control software interface is set up on the Mac Pro to control the routing, controlling and configuring RedNet interfaces and then, as the band played, to control the gain of the preamps, reference level, clock source, master clock, and sample rate.







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