Something For The Weekend: The Sound of Ayrton Senna

We here at Gearjunkies love our audio, our gear, and our heroes. The video we are showing below, we came across thanks to the AIAIAI blog. The name of the video is ‘the sound of Ayrton Senna’, so our interest was immediately triggered. Big time!

Honda and Funktion One

For this very special project Honda teamed up with (live audio company) Funktion One to recreate the sound  Ayrton Senna, by one of most memorable races through one of the world’s best sound systems. This video was the result of that project. We wanted to let you see and hear it as it combines many of the things we (as Gearjunkies) love! We hope you’ll enjoy it too!

There is a 6 minute version too, with more behind the scenes footage. However, it is in Japanese!






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