IK Multimedia iRig Blueboard Available Now

IK Multimedia have announced that have stgarted shipping their iRig Blueboard Midi pedalboard. It is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard for iOS and Mac that allows you to control your music apps and more from the floor.

Now control parameters of your MIDI-compatible apps like AmpliTube wirelessly from the floor. Switch between presets, change patches, turn effects on and off and control effects like volume wah pedals all from the stage floor without worrying about tripping over wires. Setup is as simple as turning the iRig BlueBoard on and telling it what you want to control.

iRig BlueBoard features four backlit soft-touch pads housed in a sturdy, stage-worthy chassis, two TRS expansion jacks for connecting additional MIDI controllers like expression pedals, and is powered by four standard AAA batteries.

iRig BlueBoard: Versatile, lightweight & powerful

iRig BlueBoardLightweight, compact, and housed in a durable chassis, iRig BlueBoard lets you wirelessly control any MIDI parameter in any Core MIDI app. When you press one of its 4 footswitches, it sends a wireless message to your mobile device or computer, which, when running the free companion app iRig BlueBoard, converts the data into MIDI messages and makes them available to any compatible Core MIDI music app that’s running. The footswitches are all backlit, and an additional backlight that can be turned on for use on a dark stage. Power comes from 4 standard AAA batteries.

iRig BlueBoard: All instruments welcome

iRig BlueBoard is perfect for controlling guitar and bass apps, such as any version of AmpliTube. Turn on and off effects, crank your volume, change presets, and more — all using the footswitches. But it’s awesome for keyboard players too! Change patches with your feet while you play or remotely control your effects. No matter what you play, even if you’re a vocalist (iRig BlueBoard is a perfect controller for VocaLive), iRig BlueBoard can significantly enhance your stage setup. Take your rig to another level with iRig BlueBoard.

Wireless wonder

iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which means it draws very little power, and that extends the life of the 4 standard AAA batteries that it runs on. Another advantage of iRig BlueBoard’s wireless design is that you don’t need to use up a port on your device to connect it. That’s particularly handy on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, which only have one Lightning or 30-pin port, because that port will still be available to connect accessories such as an iRig PRO, iRig HD, iRig KEYS, or iRig MIDI.

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