UnderTone Audio MPEQ-1 available for pre-order

Undertone have announced a new production run of their rackunit EQ, the UTA MPEQ-1. This run of the unit features slight modifications on appearance and sound. The first run of MPEQ-1s were essentially prototypes and required a handful of modifications to the PCBs. All of those modifications are now built into the design of the PCBs, so the units have a cleaner, more finished look inside as well.


The MPEQ-1 is the amalgamation of the UTA EQ and our new custom mic pre. It features the same flexible and musical Class A discrete circuitry, the uniquely powerful HP/LP filters, and an exciting new approach to a Class A mic pre. You can use the equalizer and the mic pre separately or as a complete channel strip. The mic pre has a custom input transformer and a carefully chosen output transformer. Both are optimized to accentuate the most flattering sonic qualities inherent in audio transformers. The unique mic pre design makes both of these transformers bypass-able. This offers users a choice between the detailed clarity of a Class-A transformer-less design or the vintage musicality of a dual transformer mic preamp.


  • -10 to -60 dB boost range (in stepped 5 dB increments)
  • Switchable 20 dB pad
  • Instrument DI
  • Front panel XLR–1/4″ (DI) combo input
  • Phase reverse switch
  • + 48 V phantom power
  • +/- 10 dB trim knob
  • Full UTA EQ section
  • Bypass-able input and output transformers
  • Ability to use mic-pre and UTA EQ on seperate signals.
  • Inputs/Outputs (all XLR):
    • Mic-pre Input
    • Mic-pre direct Line Output
    • Line Input
    • EQ Line Output – w/ output transformer
    • EQ Line Output – w/o output transformer

Now available for pre-order at a discounted rate on their buy page! Units begin shipping mid-November.








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