New Resonator Algorithm for Eventide H9 Stompbox

Eventide H9‘s newest multi-effect algorithm opens up a new world of sonic possibilities by combining delays, reverb and resonance. So, if you have an H9, download it (and its 20 ethereal presets). Or, if you don’t have an H9, demo Resonator using our H9 Control app (for iOS, PC and Mac).

H9 Resonator

Resonator combines multi-tap delays, luscious reverb, and tunable resonances. Each delay tap is assigned a note value that will ring out more or less based on the input audio and the level of the resonance parameter. Resonator comes with 20 factory presets that showcase the wide sonic variation that the can be achieved by this unique group of effects and features a unique graphical user interface allowing dynamic placement of delay voices with musical note association with the resonators in real time.  You simply have to hear this effect to believe it.

This new algorithm is available free for download via the H9 Control application for iOS, Windows, or OSX for registered H9 users through December 31, 2013.









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