Propellerhead presents Parsec – Spectral Synthesizer

Propellerhead proudly presents Parsec Spectral Synthesizer, the futuristic sound of additive synthesis for the Reason Rack. With two independent sound engines, up to 1024 oscillators per voice, a wide range of sound sculpting tools, built-in effects and free modulation routing, Parsec won’t leave you wishing when it comes to sonic horse-powers. Parsec is available as a Rack Extension in the Propellerhead shop.

Spectral synthesis for the Reason Rack

Boasting a state-of-the-art synthesis engine and an inviting user interface, Parsec was designed for the novice and the PhD of sound synthesis alike. The comprehensive sound bank with patches spanning everything from crisp, digital sounding leads to lush and evolving pad sounds, rich sonic textures and instrument sounds, will make an excellent starting point to explore the sounds of Parsec. Once you are ready to dive further, the easy to grasp interface will have you creating your own otherworldly sounds in no time.

Additive Synthesis

Parsec uses additive synthesis to generate sounds. Additive synthesis is based on a large number of sinewave oscillators that can be introduced in the sound—at various times, levels and durations. The big difference, compared to subtractive synthesis, is that overtones are added to a basic sinewave signal to form complex signals—instead of subtracted by filters from complex signals. In practice this means that you can tailor-make the frequency content in your sounds a lot more precisely with additive synthesis than with subtractive synthesis. The sonic results of additive synthesis can vary dramatically; from standard “analog” type of sounds to extremely complex and animated timbres.

Parsec features

· Additive synthesis without taxing your CPU—or your brain.
· A new palette of inspiring synth sounds for the Reason Rack.
· It’s a vocoder too, with modulation from Parsec’s audio input.
· Amazing sound bank with inspiring sounds for electro house, bass music, minimal techno, electronic indie and pop, far-out experimental, and more.
· Based on interesting algorithms that encourage experimentation without requiring technical knowledge of additive synthesis.
· Integrated with the Reason rack: control Parsec from other sources; run audio through it; combine it with other instruments.
· Two engines that make up a single sound. Use one engine for the attack and another for sustain. Or use both at the same time for ultra thick tones!
· Super-flexible internal routing with plenty of modulation sources.

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