Ken Macbeth Introduces a Bomber – Compact Analog Synth

Through our Facebook timeline we came acroos this video where Ken Macbeth introduces us to his new ‘little’ gem, The Bomber. Asking on price Ken states that the Osc ‘B’ as a module is normally £495.00GBP, the Filter ‘B’ as a module is normally £475.00GBP and the Dual EG as a module is normally £495.00GBP, these can be bought together for £1350.00GBP

The Bomber

Ken calls this minimal three module Macbeth Mk1 synthesizer the Bomber! Specifically put together to Bomb that Bass! The single Mk1 Oscillator ‘B’ gives you 1 x Sawtooth, 2 x Pulse Width (Square) Waveforms, 2 x Sub Octaves, one below the other which all go into the discrete Mk1 Filter ‘B’ – State Variable Filter that loves Overdrive! Gated and controlled by the Mk1 Dual EGs with built in Utility VCA. As a modification- there is a Noise Generator normalized into Audio Input 3 on that Filter!

Ken Macbeth: “This first vid shows the more melodic side, second to follow. I’m hopeless at keys, so please excuse my French! …and remember- this is just one Oscillator!

Macbeth Synths

Update: there is a demo 2 video avaialble now too.










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