Linplug Spectral coming soon now

Linplug‘s first Synth was released March 2000 and once again they now approach a release. The Spectral contains all of their experience from almost 14 years of synthesizer programming. Its not perfect, because the perfect synthesizer will never exist, but they emphasized once again a clear user interface, well sorted and a powerful engine under the hood. 

Linplug Spectral

This new synthesizer will arrive pretty soon now. Spectral is now in beta and to participate in the public beta test visit here and download the beta version.

Below is a personal message from Linplug:

We are particularly proud that basically everyone who ever worked with a subtractive synth can work with Spectral right away, and thats not just loading presets, but really editing the synth, tweaking it to specific needs. The special thing about Spectral however is its ability to edit both oscillators and filters to a much larger degree, if wanted and use really wicked modulations.

Its only a few weeks until its release, and we are very busy here. And while we are very proud of the synth itself, right now we are very touched by the enormous efforts our sound designers make to set up a nice factory library. A lot of old and new friends work on it and it seems we can even release with way more than 500 sounds. But not the pure number counts, we are baffled by the amazing variety of sounds we got and still get.    

We would also like to thank our customers once again for years of support and for those asking to preorder the Spectral. However, we just don’t do preorders. Spectral is no physical good that needs to be reserved for you. On the first day of its availability you can order it and receive it almost instantly.

We would also like to announce that it will be available at a 33% reduced introductory price and that during December we run our annual promotion with all other products also being available at a 33% reduced price.
When exactly will Spectral be released ? We dont know, but we strongly believe it will happen this November.

Big THANK YOU from Peter & Pavol






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