Gearjunkies – 10 Years Hooked On Gear!

Wow! Even for ourselves this is an achievement we didn’t expect to make 10 years ago on that cold thursday morning. But, … we did. Today we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of December 4th, 2003, our website went online. Back then the website was actuallyjust an online product database. A couple of years later we added the news section and started posting information on new gear, interviews, videos, etc.

10 Years Gearjunkies Throwbacks

In the coming days and weeks we will reflect on these 10 years. Factoids, april fools posts, scoops, interviews, ‘stuff’ we think were memorable. But, we think it would be awesome to hear from you as well.

Give Away

In a nutshell, let us know what Gearjunkies means to you. What posts did you like in the past (or present) and why? Which april fools joke from us was your favorite? Which review was right on the money? Any story, picture, or screenshot is more then welcome.

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At the end of this year we will raffle off a Focusrite iTrack Studio interface. So put your thinking cap on and let us know!

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