Gauge Introducing MP-1073 Mic PreAmp

At long last, a KILLER microphone preamp (with a DI) that won’t break the bank. The Gauge MP-1073 is not another flat, lifeless preamp. There are enough of those already. This preamp has TONE for days and you will hear the difference immediately…

Gauge MP-1073

Simply put, this pre-amp has the warmth and character of a classic Neve and the clarity of an APi. It’s definitely cool. Very cool. It’s the perfect choice for artists, engineers & producers who demand the best. 

Does the world need another great preamp? Honestly? Yes. Absolutely.
Why? Because most preamps costing under $1,000 sound like crap. 
They all have silly little transformers inside them. Smaller transformers cost less, but they suck. 
Size isn’t everything, but it makes a huge difference. Our transformers are massive and bigger is better.

Until now, many of us have settled for a preamp that was “good enough”.

Unfortunately, “good enough” doesn’t cut it. You know it. Gauge know it. Everyone knows it. The Gauge 1073 has Color, Clarity & Depth for your vocals and for your instrument tracks. It stands up to anything out there and it’s affordable.











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