Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb demonstration video

Last month at the NAMM, EHX introduced the Holy Grail Max, giving fans of reverberation more options in their quest for the perfect space for their instrument or voice. This new pedal shares the Holy Grail’s classic Spring and spatial Hall reverbs. A new Plate reverb, with a wonderfully complex, lush tone, and Reverse reverb for the sonically adventurous, were also added.

Holy Grail Max

The Holy Grail Max features a Blend control which lets the player set the wet/dry mix. The Time multi-function control gives the user the ability to set the decay time when in Spring, Hall or Plate mode and the reverse time when in Reverse mode. Finally, a four-position switch provides a choice of reverb styles: Spring, Hall, Plate or Reverse.





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