RME releases firmware updates for all products

RME’s latest driver updates for Fireface UFX, UCX, MADIface XT, HDSPe MADI FX and Babyface include TotalMix FX version 0.998, which comes with many improvements and even new features. To take full advantage of these it is necessary to update the firmware of all the mentioned interfaces.

Firmware Updates Current Product Line

For UFX, UCX and Babyface the new firmware offers highly improved performance and reduced CPU load when using RME’s app TotalMix FX for iPad version 1.1. It is also required for that app version. The Fireface UFX, UCX, MADIface XT and HDSPe MADI FX also benefit from optimized delay time and expander settings, an improved dynamics function with even less audio noise on criticial audio samples, more accurate attack settings in the range of 0 to 6 ms, and a new global zipper noise filter, replacing the former dynamic one.

Additionally RME sucessfully optimized the performance of the DSP so that the user can now enjoy a higher channel count of EQs and Dynamics of more than 20%. The firmware updates are available on the RME website as free downloads.

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