New Ableton Push House Production Course with Paul Maddox

This course is for anyone wanting to get into producing house music with Ableton’s Push. Presented by renowned producer and Producertech tutor Paul Maddox, the lessons show how Push can be used to create music in a totally hands-on way. This first part focuses on producing the beats and bass, which combine to create a classic, retro house groove.

Paul Maddox

From an early age, Paul has been known as one of the most influential producers in the UK dance music scene, with releases under his own name and also his co-productions as Spektre, on labels like Data, Positiva, Tidy and Viscious. Over the last 10 years, his tracks have seen support from revered DJs such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and James Zabiela. On this course, Paul shares his professional tips and tricks, uncovering the secrets to creating fat house beats.

House Production with Ableton Push Part I

The lessons go from starting out with a new session, through drum instrument selection, loading, playing, sequencing, editing and mixing, showing a variety of different techniques such as live recording and stepsequencing, and ensuring that all parts are locked into the same groove. Furthermore, virtually everything is done without touching the mouse or looking at the computer screen. Once the beats have been layered up with extra drum tracks and filled out with percussion, a bassline is added, creating an FM preset from scratch with Live’s Operator and then playing in a pattern with the pads in Notes mode.

Signing up to the course gives you access to the lessons for as long as you need, plus the Live set made throughout the tutorials, as well as over 100 extra house drum hits and bass samples, hand-selected from the extensive Loopmasters range.


– Online House Production with Ableton Push Course by Paul Maddox (Spektre)
– Part I tutorials cover how to create the Beats and Bass
– Packed with professional tips and hands-on Push techniques
– Includes the Live set from the course and over 100 extra drum hits and bass samples

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