Pioneer DJ Celebrates their 20th Birthday

Pioneer have been active on the Dj market for 20 years now. Time to celebrate. In 1994 they released their first DJ worhty CDJ player on the market, the CDJ-500. This was the first step to succes in this business for Pioneer. Soon after this, they kept making big steps in the scene with the releases of the DJM-500 and the DJM-600, manly because of the build-in effect on the 600. A couple of years later the CDJ-1000 got released and the legend was born. This is a legend still going because the CDj-2000Nexus and CDJ-900Nexus are based on this model.


Pioneer DJ History Part One – The Evolution of the CDJ

In the video posted below, you will get information from DJ’s over their first encounter with Pioneer DJ gear and how it influenced their careers. You will see and here the following DJ’s: DJ Jazzy Jef, Carl Cox, James Zabiela, Roger Sanchez, Paul Oakenfold and Laidback luke. In this video they will talk manly on the evolution of the CDJ, starting with the CDJ-500 making the step to the CDJ-1000 and finally the CDJ2000(Nexus).


We would like to congratulate Pioneer on this milestone. 

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