Waves Audio and DiGiCo Offer DiGiGrid Advanced Audio Interfaces

Waves Audio offers DiGiGrid, a collaboration between Waves and DiGiCo. Following implementation of Waves SoundGrid for the DiGiCo SD consoles, DiGiCo and Waves recognized the potential and created SoundGrid-based studio hardware including a full line of I/Os with world-class converters, award winning pre-amps, headphone amplification, built-in DSP Servers and network switches.

These audio interfaces give users the freedom to connect multiple DAWs and hardware devices, giving a system more power to run hundreds of plugins in real time.

Usage notes:

  • For Native DAW users, DiGiGrid provides real-time low-latency processing using SoundGrid-compatible plugins during recording, delivering a monitor mix that sounds remarkably like a finished product.
  • For Pro Tools users, DiGiGrid increases processing power, accommodating higher track counts and networking capabilities with the Waves SoundGrid platform. Operates via super-efficient Cat 5e/6 cables.
  • For users of MADI-enabled devices, DiGiGrid opens up the world of studio-quality sound with its MGO (optical) and MGB (BNC) MADI-to-SoundGrid interfaces. Compact and portable, they offer the ability to record performances direct-to-DAW with world-class processing and simultaneous recording and playback of up to 128 channels. With a DiGiGrid SWI SoundGrid-certified network switch, a SoundGrid DSP server and the Waves MultiRack host application, any MADI-compatible live or broadcast console can access the seemingly limitless world of real-time low-latency studio-quality processing.

Visit www.digigrid.net and www.waves.com for more information.

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