Cymatic Audio uTrack 24 Now shipping

Cymatic Audio introduces the uTrack 24, a universal hardware recorder/player/interface in 19″ format ─ the go-to solution for people who want to do high-quality recordings without the need of a computer.

The uTrack 24 records directly onto USB media plugged into the front panel, while a three-color LED displays the level of all channels. The LEDs can also be used as a 24-segment level meter for individual channels. A big LCD shows all other important information and allows a fast and intuitive editing of parameters with an endless push encoder.

In order to make recordings hassle-free even in dark or hectic environments, the Cymatic Audio hardware recorder features big illuminated transport controls directly on the front panel.

With its reduced size of only 1U, the uTrack 24 accepts up to 24 input and output signals via D-Sub multi-pin connectors. This allows even large live events to be recorded smoothly. Thanks to the BNC WordClock input and output, the recorder can integrate seamlessly into other digital recording environments.

The uTrack 24 can record 24 channels with a sampling rate of 48 kHz and up to 24 bits. And it can record up to 8 channels with a sampling rate of 96 kHz at 24 bits. The possibility to loop record endlessly is unique: Unlike with other recorders, there is no limit to the maximum recording time, the only limitation is the capacity of the recording medium.

Recordings can be comfortably managed and converted into other formats with a free WaveTool software for Mac and PC. Upcoming hardware module add-ons will allow the use of other formats.

Thanks to the internal DSP mixer, a stereo mix of the 24 tracks can be taken directly from the headphone output on the front panel. It further features Level, Pan, Mute, and Solo controls for all 24 inputs, making an external mixer redundant.

Besides its use as a recorder, the uTrack 24 can also play back up to 24 tracks, making it the perfect virtual sound provider for live applications. The Playlist mode is very useful in such cases, since it even supports uninterrupted playback.

When used under OS X, Windows and iOS, the uTrack 24 turns into a powerful and comprehensive audio interface with 24 inputs and outputs, as well as dedicated Control Room and headphone outputs, each with its individual level control.

The firmware updates announced by Cymatic Audio will bring additional features to the uTrack 24:

– Cascading of two uTrack 24 units to create a perfectly synced 48-track system.

– Software remote control via the RJ-45 connector.

– Direct playback of standard MIDI data, for the benefit of entertainers.

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