Giorgio’s Secret Novation Synth Feels Like Déjà vu?

Last week, 70’s synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder previewed his new video for the song “Déjà vu”, featuring Sia. As well as delighting synth fans everywhere with his recent comeback at the age of 75, there also seemed to be a hidden bonus for those of us who watched the video very closely.

At 2:45 into the video, a synth looking remarkably like a Novation MiniNova can be seen being played by Giorgio, only the name seems to have changed to the MoroderNova. It’s not yet clear if it’s been produced as a one off promotional item for Giorgio to use in the video, but if that’s the case, l can imagine it will confuse a lot of music store owners when they receive a flurry of emails asking if they have the new Novation MoroderNova in stock!

Novation have yet to comment on exactly what this mystery synth actually is, but rest assured, we will be searching “From Here to Eternity” for more information on this and update you as soon as we have it.


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