The Synthex 2 – an Evolution of a Legend

After news reached us earlier this week that the funding project to rebuild and relaunch the original Elka Synthex had failed to reach its target, we were saddened that this great synth would not be gracing us with its presence once more. However, we have just heard that Mario Maggi (designer of the Synthex), has been working on a followup for more than a decade!

The Synthex 2, while still in its preliminary stages, looks very promising indeed and while not a remake of the original, there are many aspects that borrow heavily from it. This (as far as we know) will not be an Elka branded product.

Here’s the information we have at the moment:

  • 16 Voices
  • 61-note-keyboard
  • Keyboard-less tabletop
  • 1 Rack Unit expander
  • Portable expander
  • 61-note-keyboard FATAR TP-8 weighted with Key Velocity and Channel Aftertouch
  • Freely assignable bipolar XY axis
LCD Display
  • 854 x 480 pixels – 5 inch LCD color display for advanced editing of control panel and additional parameters
Voice Layering
  • Whole Mode with 16 voice polyphony
  • Split Mode with Upper and Lower parts, 8 voices each
  • Double Mode with Upper and Lower parts, 8 voices each
  • Unison Mode with variable voice number
  • 2 Oscillators per voice
  • Extended cross modulation between oscillators
  • High number of available waveforms
  • Multi-mode filter with extended filtering modes
  • PRE Filter Waveshaper
  • POST Filter Waveshaper
  • Full set of editable parameters
Envelope Generators
  • 8 EGs per voice
  • 8 segments per each EG
  • Each segment is freely assignable to Note On or Note Off events
  • Each EG can be used for LFO level shaping
Wide range LFOs
  • 8 LFOs per voice
  • Each LFO output can be shaped with EG
  • LCD based quick programming/editing
  • 4 polyphonic tracks
  • Step by step or real time recording mode
  • Internal TTL Sync Output
  • External TTL Sync Input
  • MIDI Sync
  • Independent Arpeggiators for Lower and Upper parts
  • Arpeggiators can be used in combination with the internal Sequencer
Rear Panel
  • On/Off Switch
  • 18V DC IN for external PSU
  • USB-B connection for a PC editor
  • RJ45 for external expansion box (CV/Trigger/Gate)
  • MIDI In
  • Midi Out
  • Sync In TTL
  • Sync Out TTL
  • CV1 In
  • CV2 In
  • Expression Pedal 1
  • Expression Pedal 2
  • Upper Left Audio Out
  • Upper Right Audio Out
  • Lower Left Audio Out
  • Lower Right Audio Out

The only other information we have is that four versions will be available, which are ‘Keyboard, Tabletop, 1U Rack and Portable’. It would seem that the 1U rack will not have very many front panel controls and we’re not quite sure exactly what the portable option is.

For more information or to preorder one for yourself, please visit Synthex website.


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