The Nektar Panorama take control over Logic Pro X and Alchemy

Nektar are proud to announce a substantial upgrade to Panorama P1, P4 and P6 controller integration with Logic 9 and Logic Pro X. This upgrade makes Panorama the most comprehensive Logic controller on the market with integration over the entire DAW including mixer, insert plugins, instruments and project navigation.

With Panorama already offering the most extensive Logic mixer control available, the addition of Instrument and Transport modes now means unparalleled hands-on control and flexibility. Instrument mode enables the entire Panorama control surface to be focused on controlling instrument plugins. Logic’s built-in instruments are all pre-mapped for immediate control including ES1 & ES2 synths, Vintage Electric Piano, Vintage B3 Organ, EXS24 sampler…. Yes all of them, up to and including Alchemy, recently added in Logic Pro 10.2.

The mapping follows the long-standing Panorama principle of grouping parameters in labeled pages so it is a breeze to select a page from the popup menu and start controlling the assigned parameters immediately. Panorama “sees” every automatable parameter directly from Logic via Logic’s control API which is why Panorama can transparently map Logic plugins, while other products can’t.

Plugin control of course also includes AU plugins. AU instruments can be mapped across 37 real-time controls at any one time and with page navigation of an additional 24 encoder pages, each mapping 12 parameters. That means up to 325 instrument parameters are within reach, at any time.

The included plugin mapping editor makes editing the control assignments easy. Using a simple select and click approach, the job is done in seconds. Map files then can be shared across the user community via a linked cloud environment.

Panorama’s Transport mode delivers all the tools for bringing composition and creativity together. Setting punch in/out and locator points is easily done with dedicated, individual controls or just by moving them proportionate together, in one movement. With additional control over Logic’s play head, scrub, quantize value and an option to use the pads (P4 and P6 only) for marker 1-8 select, set and delete, it’s possible to capture ideas quicker than ever before and even build a complete track, without using the mouse.

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