Seaboard RISE goes mobile with Equator for iPhone app and versatile Flip Case

ROLI, the London-based music creation startup, today announces two innovative products for mobile music-makers who want to access the full expressiveness of the Seaboard RISE on the go.

The Equator for iPhone app takes ROLI’s powerful software synthesiser onto the iPhone using Apple 3D Touch. The Flip Case for RISE is a protective cover that also folds into a stand for tablets and mobile devices. Flip Case for RISE and Equator for iPhone are a significant update to the Seaboard RISE product line just two months after its launch.

Roland Lamb, founder and CEO of ROLI, said: “The Seaboard RISE is already the best controller for making expressive music on the go. Equator for iPhone gives Seaboard RISE creators a way to make music on two devices that fit under their arm and in their pocket. The Flip Case for RISE is a beautifully functional accessory that perfectly places mobile apps in the music creation process.”

One of the first music apps on Apple’s App Store to take advantage of the 3D Touch feature for sound control, Equator for iPhone will feature a simulated experience of the Seaboard RISE’s keywave surface. Pressing on the screen of the iPhone 6s, users can shape sound on a virtual keywave surface in much the same way as they control sound on the pressure-sensitive Seaboard RISE.

Free to download, Equator for iPhone will come with 24 presets that ship with every Seaboard RISE. It will be available on Apple’s App Store in late November. The multipurpose Flip Case will be a superb companion to the Seaboard RISE. As a rigid lightweight case, it protects the Seaboard RISE from wear and tear at home and on the road.

The case flips back to become a stand that props up mobile phones and tablets as well as sheet music and notepads. It can also be configured as a bar that slightly elevates the RISE for convenient use on a work surface. Available in five colors, the Flip Case gives creators yet another way to personalize their RISE experience. The Flip Case will soon be available for $129.99 on

For a limited time ROLI is offering the Seaboard RISE plus Flip Case for $849.99. Building Equator for iPhone and Flip Case for RISE is part of ROLI’s mission of delivering a more connected music experience. The company looks ahead to the time when music-makers will control wireless digital instruments through convenient mobile applications, allowing them to play these instruments whenever and wherever they wish.

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