Media Networking Alliance exhibits for the first time at ISE

With the increasing lobby for standardization and interoperability based on open standards in AoIP (Audio over Internet Protocol), the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) is exhibiting for the first time at ISE. The MNA is the professional AV industry alliance charged with promoting awareness and adoption of AES67, the open standard that provides for the common interchange of digital media between different IP networking platforms.

Of major interest, to AV manufacturers, integrators and end users alike, will be a live demonstration of audio networking interoperability on the MNA booth (7-X230), featuring 22 commercially available networked-audio products from 11 different manufacturers, employing various market leading audio networking technologies. AES67-specific extensions to the different network platforms enable the common interchange of digital audio between them.

Speaking for the MNA, Solid State Logic product manager Tom Knowles, coordinating the demonstration at ISE, says, “Following on from our first public demonstration at last year’s AES show, the MNA believes it is important and impressive to demonstrate interoperability at trade shows and in other ‘public’ arenas, enabling manufacturers and potential end users to experience, first hand, the power and versatility of AES67.”

MNA members will be on hand on the booth throughout ISE, including representatives from member companies with extensive experience of deploying AES67 in the field, to discuss all aspects of AES67 implementation and answer queries from AV industry professionals.

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