ISLA Instruments launches KordBot MIDI Chord Generator

ISLA Instruments have launched KordBot, a revolutionary piece of music hardware that teaches music theory, improves your keyboard playing and boosts creativity. KordBot is like a music teacher and creative assistant combined, always on hand to help you make music. The all-in-one MIDI chord generator,

is currently live on Kickstarter and is expected to retail between USD $249 – $299. Immediate demand saw it smash its fundraising goal within 18 hours of launch.

KordBot enables users to quickly and easily, play thousands of chords and arpeggios, on any MIDI compatible device, be that hardware or software. KordBot’s two octave keyboard uses illuminated keys to demonstrate chord shapes and easy fingering, in a way which is simple to understand and easy to follow. As well as pre-programmed chords, users can create and store their own chord ideas in the KordBot memory.

Alongside standard MIDI connectivity, KordBot is also designed to connect via USB or Bluetooth, making the creation and learning of music accessible to anyone with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

KordBot was developed to fill a gap in music hardware offerings, noticed by Founder and CEO, Brad Holland. He identified a common problem, which is solved by KordBot,

“I’ve been making music for almost 20 years and I’m reasonable at playing the piano, but have never known much in the way of music theory. Because of this, I find it hard to come up with new chord progressions during the writing process. I often find myself stuck playing in the same key or using the same basic chord shapes I’m comfortable with.”

KordBot includes a unique ‘Song Builder’ feature which automatically pre-selects all harmonically related chords within 49 different scales and modes, creating a ‘musical palette’ that inspires creative flow and demonstrates music theory in action. When a chord button is pressed, KordBot automatically lights up a suggested chord that works well with the previous one.

“KordBot has also greatly improved my playing because the separate notes of each chord illuminate on the keyboard showing me the correct fingering. KordBot  doesn’t just play the chord for me; it also teaches me how to play the chord for myself,” explains Holland. “So, it’s a great educational tool, as well as compositional aid.”

A built-in arpeggiator also enables chords to be played in a range of arpeggio patterns with swing variations. Note length can be varied and user generated patterns added, to even further enhance the songwriting process. A step sequencer, which allows KordBot to be used to plan out complex musical or drum sequences, is also in development and is expected to be included in the final retail version.

KordBot is a tactile, interactive piece of hardware and includes a unique chord ‘strum’ feature, where users can slide across the built-in ribbon controller and strum the notes of the chord, much like a guitar.

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