New Sounds and Samples on Sample Saturday #302


Below are some of the new releases we have encountered this week on the Loops and Samples front. Just like the quality of the audio software we use these days the quality of the content we use (loops and samples) equally matches the high standards of this software. Below is this weeks selection.


Vinyl Revolution Vol.2 – Drum Samples

The Looploft

Dry Drums Vol 5


Liquid Beat & Future Chill

Atmospheric Chill

Foley FX

Dirty House Ultra Pack

Groove House

Tommy Vercetti – Underground House & Tech

Noisefactory Construction Time Vol. 1 – Commercial Deep House

Flamenco Guitars

Defected Driven House Vol 1 – Rogue D

Dubtech House

Neon Horizon

Mode Audio

Punch Live Hip Hop Drums

MVP Loops

White IVO

Metro Bang

Bryson’s Soul

808 Cartel

New Millennium Hip Hop


Spectrality: Spatial Bliss Impulses

Kings of Bollywood Vol 1

Fragments 02

Vocal Glitch Workouts Vol 2

European House Vocals Vol 2

Top Of The Pop & Deep House Bundle (Vols 1-3)

Raweye Samples: Tropical House Vibes Vol 1


Tech Percussives

LIVE Drum Fills

Techno SUBS

90’s Drums

Deep House Synths


Underground Bass House


Deep Analogue House

Twisted Tools

Totally Twisted

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