sE Electronics Announces 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of Their Reflexion Filter Pro

In 2006, released the original Reflexion Filter Pro and created a whole new market of portable acoustic treatment devices. Ten years and six different sE Reflexion Filter products later, the company has sold over 120,000 units worldwide.

As with any new and successful concept in recording technology, the design has spawned countless imitations over time. But the original Reflexion Filter Pro has remained the best-selling product in its class for ten years, and has been spotted in thousands upon thousands of studios around the world. Having been seen with artists from legendary hip-hop artist Dr. Dre to film score composer / producer / musician Simon Franglen (‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Spectre’), from Tom Petty performances on stage to Blake Shelton sessions in the Hollywood Hills, and even in The White House (in First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Go To College” music video), the original RF Pro is undeniably the industry standard for simple, effective acoustic treatment for recording vocals and more.

To commemorate ten years of RF Pro sales, sE Electronics is releasing a limited number of 10th Anniversary RF Pro units into the world. These customized filters are based on the same patented multi-layer design as the original, but include a special layer of red acoustic fabric behind the immediately recognizable perforated metal rear panel, and a custom-engraved metal logo badge. The filter’s shell and hardware have been given a special black finish for a distinctive and upscale look, and the mounting hardware has undergone a complete redesign to simplify its ease of use, increase stability, and provide better overall performance and durability.

The redesigned mounting hardware will also be available for purchase separately as an upgrade to any original Reflexion Filter Pro, and all future RF Pro units will come complete with the updated hardware as standard from Summer 2016 onwards.

The new Limited Edition RF Pro with updated hardware will be available through select dealers worldwide in mid June 2016, at the same price as the original RF Pro (MSRP $299 USD / €269 EUR). It is recommended that interested customers contact their local dealers or distributors to inquire as to availability, as quantities will be extremely limited in each country.

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