Genelec Unveils Flagship 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer

Genelec is proud to introduce the 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer, which delivers both high SPL and an extended low-distortion LF response in an impressively compact enclosure.

The new flagship of the Smart Active Monitoring™ subwoofer range, the 7380 can be simply and seamlessly integrated into any monitoring system – from stereo to multi-channel, as well as part of a large-scale 3D Immersive setup – yielding a level of performance normally associated with much larger enclosures. Equipped with a newly designed Class-D amplifier section plus all the benefits of Smart Active Monitoring technology, the 7380 has been created to exceed the demands of discerning professionals in music, post, film and broadcast. Furthermore, the 7380 partners perfectly with Genelec’s “The Ones” series of coaxial three-way monitors, particularly in the creation of Immersive systems for those working with Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X formats.

Standing 26.97″ (685mm) in height with a width of 28.27″ (718mm) and depth of 19.37″ (492mm), the 7380 features an 800W Class-D amplifier driving a custom 15-inch long-throw woofer that, combined with Genelec’s acclaimed LSE™ spiral enclosure, produces a remarkable maximum SPL of 119 dB (123 dB peak) plus precise low-frequency response down to 16 Hz.

The incorporation of Genelec’s acclaimed Smart Active Monitoring technology puts the 7380 at the heart of a larger family of smart monitors and subwoofers from across the Genelec range. With GLM™ software for PC or Mac, up to 40 Smart Active Monitors and subwoofers can be networked with instantly recallable system configurations and advanced auto-calibration features including level, time-of-flight and phase adjustments. GLM users benefit from extensive room compensation features including an adjustable crossover frequency and 20 parametric notch filters, ensuring that the 7380 can be optimized to achieve the best possible performance even in challenging acoustic environments. Crucially, GLM also supports both centralized and distributed bass management modes, depending on the type of monitors being used.

However, the 7380 is just as effective in a non-Smart Active Monitoring environment. A full complement of DIP switches can be easily accessed on the front panel, facilitating a full-featured standalone mode, including advanced calibration for hybrid systems in which traditional main monitors are used. In standalone mode, the crossover frequency is fixed at 85Hz. Finally, for those working with multi-channel audio, the 7380 offers 7.1 channel XLR analog inputs and outputs, while an AES/EBU digital connection can be used either for stereo operation or for full 7.1 digital with the addition of Genelec’s optional 9301 Digital Interface.

“We have spent more than 10 years refining our Smart Active Monitoring range to represent not just the world’s most advanced monitoring technology, but also a uniquely powerful family of products that is trusted and relied upon by professionals the world over. The 7380 continues that tradition of extraordinary innovation,” commented Genelec Managing Director Siamäk Naghian. “Simply put, the 7380 will go louder and lower than anyone would expect with an enclosure of this size. It is the ideal choice for anyone who demands powerful, dependable LF reproduction in a truly compact form factor.”

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