Zero-G announces the release of Northern Lights Pad Machine

Northern Lights Pad Machine is a truly inspiring and creative pad machine for Kontakt – the most complex and creative pad instrument ever made!

This extremely powerful multilayered Kontakt instrument is capable of creating the most stunning and epic of soundscapes with infinite possibilities. The sounds are truly inspirational and are sourced from rare synthesisers to metal and sounds from the Norwegian natural environment.

Put simply – if you love epic pad sounds and soundscapes, Northern Lights Pad Machine is definitely for you! With almost 6GB of brand-new content, this incredible Kontakt instrument has been created with one thing in mind – to create the most amazing pad sounds ever made! Whether you are a TV, film soundtrack or pop composer, noise artist, experimental musician or just a hobby musician you will find something truly new and inspiring in this mammoth of a library.

You’ll get a powerful set of controllers, specifically designed to inspire and create complex pad sounds and soundscapes which you can manipulate the complexity, movement and colour of the sounds. Not forgetting the incredible Storm function, which shakes up the sound in different ways using distortion, effects, LFO, controllers and saturation. The interface is clear and intuitive and the sonic complexity is delivered through the simplicity if it’s design. Furnished with a broad set of presets, from airy, evolving to arpeggiated and modulated to metallic, dirt and complex and of course all of these can be edited to create something entirely new and really very unique.

With an introductory discount until 6th September it is available to buy today for just £44.95/€48.95/$52.95.
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