Torso Electronics announces T-1 MIDI sequencer

The Torso Electronics T-1 is a small MIDI sequencer with great specifications. He has 16 polyphonic tracks, Euclidian algorithmic pattern generation, various modulation options, and is an ideal sequencer in both the studio and the stage.

The heart of the T-1 is the Euclidian algorithm. In mathematics, Euclid’s algorithm is an efficient method for calculating the greatest common divisor of two positive integers.

In our gear world you can use this algorithm to create a guitar-like number of different and unique rhythms. And so on 17 tracks. With the 18 knobs you can set different parameters such as slices, voicing, velocity, sustain, dynamics, and timing. In addition, the T-1 has 32 buttons with RGB lighting and a display.

You can save up to 16 projects in the T-1’s internal memory. It has a MINI in, out and thru and USB.


  • 16 polyphonic tracks
  • Euclidean rhythm generator
  • Per track note division
  • Note repeater
  • Melody generator
  • Timing and Dynamics grooves
  • Musical scales
  • Pseudo-random modulation
  • Temporary and global parameter changes
  • Autosave
  • 16 patterns per bank
  • 8 banks per project
  • 16 projects
  • 18 encoders
  • 23 RGB backlit silicone keypads
  • USB 2.0 (midi/power)
  • 3 X MIDI 3.5mm jack (in, out, thru)
  • Ableton Link (WiFi)
  • Matte black aluminium casing
  • Dimensions: L:304, W:114, H:37mm
  • Weight: 850g

At the moment there is no release date is price available.

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