Blind Monk Instruments announces the Navigator polyphonic analog synthesizer

The Navigator by Blind Monk is a somewhat strange looking polyphonic analogue synthesizer.

The Navigator has two digitally controlled oscillators per voice, and a ring and a sub oscillator. Each voice has three LFOs, two envelopes and a 2-pole resonant low pass filter. There are different waveforms such as a saw, ring mod, pulse and a number of not so standard waveforms.

In addition, the Navigator has a 64 step sequencer and a chord mode. This synthesizer is also capable of generating its own sequences thanks to the artificially intelligent sequence generator.

You can save a total of 150 patches, 10 sequences and 10 different sequence generator algorithms in the internal memory of the Navigator.

Where all other DCO synths the voices are locked according to the same frequency, you can set the frequency of each voice with the Navigator. This way you can create a natural analogue sound and apply phasing between the oscillators.

The Blind Monk Navigator is available from today and costs $ 595

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