Gearjunkies video – Behringer Pro-1 comparison with the Sequential Circuits Pro One analog synthesizer

It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time for a new video. After all the NAMM news, vlogging naturally continues! This time Stefan has again taken on a Behringer synthesizer: the Pro-1. He makes a comparison with the original, the Sequential Circuits Pro-one.

Behringer has been busy the last year and one of the most anticipate new synths that they have announced is the Pro-1. It is a remake of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro One, a fully analogue monophonic synthesizer with a built in arpeggiator and basic sequencer.

It was in fact almost exactly a single voice of a Prophet-5 using similor oscillators and filter. The Pro-1 resembles it in both the features and layout, with the biggest difference being the absence of a keyboard. in return, the Pro-1 has midi, and usb and can also be polychained up to 16 devices.

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