Modal Electronics announces ARGON8 M and ARGON8X polyphonic synthesizers

Modal Electronics are proud to announce the latest products in its line of innovative Machines For Musicians – the Modal ARGON8M and ARGON8X synthesisers. ARGON8M and ARGON8X join the growing Modal Electronics family of SKULPTsynthesiser, CRAFTsynth 2.0, and the original ARGON8 (37 key version). Based around its revolutionary new wavetable synthesiser engine, ARGON8 products derive much of their heritage and DNA from the highly acclaimed Modal 002.

The Modal 002, first introduced in June 2014 at $4,495, is still used and loved by top artists, film and television producers across the globe. The two new models are welcome extensions to the line, allowing consumers two new exciting options:

ARGON8M – A compact desktop module version that can also be mounted into a 19″ 3U rack with the included end cheeks, for those players with limited space. ARGON8X – An elongated 61 key version using the same FATAR TP/9S mechanism with aftertouch, for those players who want an extended octave range.

Both models share an identical sound engine as the original ARGON8 (37 key version), with 8 voices of true polyphonic flexibility (8 independent signal paths comprising oscillators, filter, envelopes and modulation). Modal are also excited to also announce the development of ARGON8 Polychaining, which will enable any two ARGON8’s to be in a master/slave configuration over DIN MIDI giving the user 16 note polyphony and the ability to control two ARGON8’s from one.

Estimated to be introduced in a software update c. March / April.Modal ARGON8 provides a Class Compliant USB MIDI connection, enabling ARGON8 to play in an integrated setup, and the free software editor MODALapp is available on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android tablets and phones as well as a VST3 and AU plugin for DAW applications.

ARGON8’s completely new sound engine enables extremely complex synthesis creation that we believe is hitherto unprecedented at this price point and even for products that are much, much higher. The level of sophistication of ARGON8 is a testament to the dedication, and culmination of almost six years hard work by the young development team based in Bristol – England.

ARGON8M MRSP is $619 – €579 – £499
ARGON8X MRSP is $819 – €749 – £649

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