Gearjunkies video – Mu-Tron Bi-phase II dual phase-shifter pedal

The Mu-Tron Bi-Phase is a dual phase-shifter invented and marketed by Musictronics USA in the 70s. It has become well-known and well-loved for it’s ‘classic’ warm and deep sound, as well as the flexibility of it’s control and audio-processing capabilities.

The all analog Bi-Phase II recreates the creamy HiFi phase of  the mythical Musitronics Bi-Phase pedal  and packs into a compact, pedal board friendly package. The Bi Phase II is designed to fit into modern day pedal chain as it may be powered by standard power bricks,   routes the signal from right to left to allow for easy patching, and an interface which is much more symmetrical and intuitive than the original. In addition to the new OptoMod Phase-Light technology, the Bi-Phase II adds  4 stage mode with a fixed feedback to get the classic rock tones that work well with overdrive and distortion harmonics.

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