Orchestral Tools releases new creative soundpack Patina Living room piano

Orchestral Tools today released their latest Creative Soundpack: Patina—Living-room piano.

Although critical voices might say that the world doesn’t need another new sampled piano, Patina oers more than enough originality to challenge that claim. Not only is it a faithful portrait of a generations-old upright piano, but it oers an additional felt-dampened version of the instrument, a wide selection of eclectic playing techniques, and an array of processed patches including pads, drones, and basses.

“Patina captures the actual piano from my parents’ living room—it’s the piano I learned to play on, so this is a very special project for me,” says product owner and sound designer Frederik Theyssen. “It’s slightly worn and aged, but that adds character. And we’ve worked hard to get the absolute maximum out of this piano—with plectrums, brushes, strumming the strings, the sound design patches… Patina is a unique tribute to a much-loved instrument.”

Patina oers eight articulations for the piano, captured with two mic positions. The processed patches include a selection of evocative pads, plus some dulcimer-like sounds and two basses. All together, Patina is a character piano with a twist that’s well suited to contemporary composition, indie soundtracks, and any kind of evocative scoring.

Patina is available for a special introductory price of €59 (regular price €79). Like all Creative Soundpacks, Patina runs in Orchestral Tools’ own SINE Player.

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