UrsaDSP Releases Boost Revision B

Boost is an upward limiter that creates no clipping and makes no compromises. Revision B, the second version of the plugin, adds mid/side mode, parallel compression, stereo linking, true peak detection and oversampling.

Most plugin compressors emulate an analog detection path used 60 years ago. Boost’s Trajectory Technology takes full advantage of modern DSP to leave the highest transients undistorted – no matter how far you push the plugin. With its unique Focus control, Boost brings the quieter parts of an audio signal up, never overshooting the peaks and remaining transparent. To introduce character, use the Drive and Emphasis controls, and set the Release timing to your taste.

“I’m addicted to BOOST! It truly is musical, creative, mind blowing, dangerous and MY NEW GOTO dynamic processor.” – Dave Pensado

“It’s stuffed full of creative sound-shaping options that conventional brickwall limiters won’t give you” – Dan Worrall

Boost Rev B is available now as a free update for existing Boost owners, or for £79.99 from distribution partners Devious Machines 30-day free trial is available.

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