Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin announces Bullfrog

Bullfrog, a collaborative project between Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin, is a captivating and inspiring educational electronic music instrument. Designed to cater to both youth and professionals, Bullfrog combines the excitement of electronic music production with a comprehensive learning experience.

At its core, Bullfrog is a classical subtractive synthesizer featuring various sound generation modules such as VCO and noise generator, as well as treatment modules like VCF and VCA/DELAY. It also includes control and modulation signal modules like envelope generators and sample & hold, which allow users to manipulate and shape the sound. However, Bullfrog doesn’t produce sound on its own until it is patched together. Users can connect the modules using Eurorack patch cables or insert voice cards to create internal connections and add extra functionality, such as a sampler/looper, sequencer, or groovebox. This approach enhances the understanding of subtractive synthesizers and the principles of sound design with similar instruments.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the synthesizer’s functionality and sound synthesis in general, a detailed user manual accompanies the learning process.

Bullfrog will be available for purchase starting August 10, 2023, through and selected electronic music retailers worldwide.

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