Moog is no longer an employee-owned company through partnership with inMusic

Moog Music, the iconic American manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, is excited to announce its partnership with the inMusic family. This collaboration unites two leading forces in the music technology industry and represents a significant milestone in Moog Music’s enduring legacy.

inMusic is renowned for its innovative portfolio of companies specializing in performance and production instruments. Their commitment to delivering exceptional musical experiences aligns perfectly with Moog Music’s values. This partnership opens up new possibilities for both companies and the future of electronic music.

With a shared dedication to uncompromising sound, quality, and manufacturing principles, Moog Music and inMusic can overcome longstanding challenges and strengthen the company. Leveraging inMusic’s extensive global distribution and supply chain network will make Moog instruments more accessible worldwide. Additionally, Moog Music’s expertise in analog synthesis will enhance the capabilities of inMusic and its exclusive brands.

Under the leadership of a seasoned team, including Steve Dunnington, a long-time Moog engineer and former student of Bob Moog, Moog Music will continue to develop and manufacture instruments in its hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

During discussions, the Moog Music team had the pleasure of engaging with inMusic CEO Jack O’Donnell, who shared his personal journey with a Moog modular system. His experience highlighted the profound impact of Bob Moog’s vision and instruments on his career. Witnessing the passion and dedication of the Moog Music team during a visit to the factory further solidified the alliance.

This collaboration between Moog Music and inMusic ushers in an exciting new era of innovation, introducing groundbreaking instruments for creators worldwide. It expands Moog Music’s reach into new communities while pushing the boundaries of music technology. The shared values, mission, and legacy between the two companies make this alliance an exceptional opportunity for Moog Music and its devoted community.

The future shines brightly for Moog Music and its incredible community of instrument enthusiasts. The company is grateful for the unwavering loyalty and support it has received and eagerly anticipates unveiling extraordinary advancements in the days to come.

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