Elektron announces Analog Heat +FX dynamic sound processor

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron today launches Analog Heat +FX, a dynamic sound processor.

Evoke the sound of color
Let the sonic paint drip over your beats, melodies and sounds. The Analog Heat +FX is an all-around sound colouring and manipulation box. It gives you a wide color palette of processing possibilities. True playfulness to your ears. Whatever the source, and wherever the destination. Let your sound be your canvas.

The Heat block
Add warmth, depth and character with eight fully analog stereo distortion circuits – ranging from a subtle clean boost to complete annihilation.
Shape and carve your material using the multi-mode filter. Selects from 7 filter types like classic lowpass and high pass, as well as a bandpass, notch or peak.
Fine tune, add and subtract your lows and highs by twisting and turning the knobs of the 2-band adaptable EQ. Then fracture your sound using the noise gate.

The digital effects
Drift away with the warble effect – let the inspiration be whatever nostalgic magnetic media comes to mind. Continue that journey with a dash of chorus.
Create rich, immersive soundscapes with delay and reverb. Drip grit with a dash of bit & sample rate reduction – adding that special touch of lo-fi glitchyness.
Squeeze or fine tune the dynamic range of your signal with the compressor, and let bass focus nail down the stereo field to mono at the chosen cross-over point, allowing you to get a fat and focused low end.

Reordering the effects to experiment and find your own signal flow, with your own special timbres. Add depth, dimension, complexity, and color to your music – the re-arrangeable signal path letting you showcase all of its nuance. Let the options be endless. Save your explorations, no matter how wild, in one of the 512 preset slots – for instant recall.

Experiment and have fun with a bunch of modulation options, each with two destinations. Take the incoming sound and shape it into a modulation source using the envelope follower.
Make the parameters wobble and weave in a coordinated or chaotic manner using any of the 3 LFOs – all with their own multiple waveforms and modulation destinations. Be complex, be simple. It’s you who decides.

Pricing and availability
Analog Heat +FX is available to purchase from the Elektron website or from retailers carrying the Elektron range of products. Pricing on elektron.se is 999 USD/999 EUR.

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