Arturia unveils PolyBrute 12 synthesizer

The PolyBrute 12 is a 61-key polyphonic synthesizer featuring a FullTouch® keyboard, stereo dual-filter architecture, and unparalleled sound morphing capabilities, offering an exceptional level of sonic expression.

The Art of Expression
PolyBrute 12 stands as the pinnacle of expressive polyphonic analog synthesizers, providing musicians with an unprecedented tactile connection to their sound. Its 12-voice architecture, FullTouch® keyboard, modulation matrix, Morphée and ribbon controls, and bi-timbral morphing presets deliver awe-inspiring results.

FullTouch Keyboard
The next-generation FullTouch® keyboard offers unmatched sonic control while preserving the traditional keyboard feel. Musicians can utilize aftertouch expression across the entire key range, selecting between regular synth action and FullTouch® modes for dynamic modulation.

Unmatched Expressiveness
Equipped with a FullTouch keyboard, Morphée multi-axis control, ribbon controller, and three pedal inputs, the PolyBrute 12 provides more expressive options than any other instrument on the market.

Limitless Sound Design
With state-of-the-art oscillators, ladder and Steiner-Parker filters, innovative preset-morphing, 32 effects, and a modulation matrix, the PolyBrute 12 opens up unprecedented sound design possibilities.

Seamless DAW Integration
PolyBrute Connect simplifies the transition from sound design to production, allowing easy management of patches and importing new presets and sound banks.

Expanded 12-Voice Architecture
The PolyBrute 12 enables the creation of complex harmonic structures, dynamic sonic layering, and split keyboard performances with its expanded voice architecture.

Revamped Factory Library
The PolyBrute 12’s library includes 480 bi-timbral presets, utilizing its extensive feature set for a rich, versatile sound palette.

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