Erica Synths Launch Bullfrog XL Subtractive Analog Synthesizer

Erica Synths has launched the Bullfrog XL subtractive analog synthesizer, designed to inspire both youth and professionals. Created in collaboration with Richie Hawtin, Bullfrog XL aims to captivate users by combining hands-on electronic music production with educational depth.

Bullfrog XL is ideal for classroom use, designed to be three times the size of the original Bullfrog, and includes a built-in oscilloscope. Its expanded design makes it not only suitable for educational purposes but also a valuable asset in studio environments.


– Fully analog design
– Highly accurate voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) tracking over 8 octaves
– Adjustable and voltage-controlled waveshapes (sine, shark fin, and pulse with PWM)
– Zener diode-based noise generator
– Resonant lowpass voltage-controlled filter (VCF)
– Voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with adjustable offset
– Delay effect with adjustable time and feedback
– Two looping attack-sustain-release envelope generators (EG)
– Sample & Hold circuit with individual clock
– Attenuverter and two buffered splitter circuits
– Slew processor with adjustable time
– Two-channel oscilloscope
– 6.3 mm jack sockets, manual gate button, Gate and Trigger out
– Voice card slot, built-in speakers
– DIN5 MIDI input and USB connector
– Dimensions: 820 x 505 x 65 mm (250 mm with side panels)


– Bullfrog XL synthesizer with side panels
– Universal 12VDC wall wart adapter
– User manual
– 12 patch cables
– Sequencer, Sampler/Looper, Acid Bassline, Hipass filter, LFO, and Electric Organ voice cards
– 3 DIY voice cards

A comprehensive user manual supports the learning process, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the synthesizer and sound synthesis. Bullfrog XL is now available for €1,700.

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