Ohm Force announces Ohmicide Eurorack module

Ohm Force proudly announces the release of Ohmicide Eurorack, their first hardware module adapted from the renowned Ohmicide distortion plug-in. Available as of May 13, this Eurorack module brings all 111 trailblazing distortion algorithms to the hardware realm, offering immense sonic possibilities. Users can transform VCOs, drums, and samples with a range of distortions, from subtle to extreme.

Ohmicide Eurorack’s redesigned routing includes a split-band signal using the XOVER knob, preserving bass content while processing higher frequencies through a low-pass filter. The module offers 37 different distortion types, selectable via the TYPE knob and screen, with variations available through the FAM switch (Standard, Xxx, and Odd). The BIAS and MOD knobs provide further control over the distortions.

Featuring high-fidelity Texas Instruments Burr-Brown audio converters, the module ensures low noise and high-quality output. Automatic gain staging maintains consistent signal power. All parameters are CV-controllable, with attenuverters for GAIN, MOD, BIAS, and XOVER.

Ohmicide Eurorack offers four modes: Producer, Performer, CV, and Trigger, catering to both studio and live performance settings. Visit Ohm Force at SUPERBOOTH24, May 16-18, to experience Ohmicide Eurorack and new prototypes. Available now worldwide.

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