Knobula announces Echo Cinematic stereo effects Eurorack module

Knobula proudly presents Echo Cinematic, the latest Eurorack module embodying its no-screen, no-preset philosophy. Inspired by dub music culture from Jamaica to London in the Eighties, it’s a practical stereo effects unit showcased at SUPERBOOTH24, May 16-18, FEZ-Berlin, Germany.

Echo Cinematic, with its descriptive front panel (Eq + Delay + Reverb), nods to its roots in dub music. It echoes the analogue tape delays of iconic recording setups, offering EQ and effects controls for evolving rhythm textures.

This module eliminates the need for complex setups by integrating a versatile resonant filter with five sources of automation. It features two independent LFOs for modulation, a 30-second Knob Record function, and two CV inputs for control voltage assignment.

With selectable filter types and up to two seconds of stereo delay time, Echo Cinematic promises precise sound shaping and synchronization. Knobula’s Technical Director, Jason Mayo, describes it as the ultimate dub-style echo module, three years in the making.

Available for £320.00 GBP (VAT incl.)/€350.00 EUR (Net)/ $399.00 USD (MRP), Echo Cinematic will ship in June 2024.

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