Modbap Modular Introduces CLRS Stereo Effects Processor

Modbap Modular introduces CLRS, their latest performance-focused Eurorack module, reimagining the HUE audio processing effect. In a compact 10HP format with stereo output, CLRS enriches and transforms audio in both studio and live settings, offering artists an end-of-chain processing solution.

This module, designed by Modbap Modular, renowned for performance-oriented instruments, packs the functionality of a full-format effects processor into a compact design. It marks the seventh addition to their lineup since 2020.

CLRS features Modbap’s DJ-style state variable filter at its core, offering intuitive control over high-pass and low-pass filtering to shape stereo sound seamlessly. The Drive effect provides a range from clean boost to gritty distortion, while the stereo width control allows precise adjustment of spatial aspects.

The Lo-fi effect introduces vintage aesthetics through sample rate reduction and bit depth manipulation, offering a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of old digital devices. The “Mag” effect combines tape saturation and distortion, adding warmth and character akin to analog tape recordings.

A one-knob compressor with ratio control and ducking input ensures professional-level dynamics shaping, while CV inputs allow dynamic modulation of filter, drive, mag, and lo-fi effects for expressive sound manipulation.

CLRS seamlessly integrates into Eurorack or groovebox setups, enhancing audio processing flexibility and unlocking new sonic possibilities. With its versatile features and compact design, it’s the ultimate companion for modern music production.

Now available for pre-order, CLRS promises to elevate your music to new heights, providing transformative processing for any setup, whether in a Eurorack modular system or as part of an effects chain in a groovebox.


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