Tubbutec announces the Brainstep

Tubbutec’s Brainstep is the quintessential brain of a eurorack system, combining a multitude of functionalities to elevate your music production and live performances. It serves as a sequencer, arpeggiator, envelope and modulation generator, live performance tool, sample player, clock distributor, MIDI interface, and more.

Its feature list is extensive, boasting four independent tracks, each equipped with a step sequencer offering multiple patterns, song modes, and per-step probability. With up to 24 patterns and 64 steps each, Brainstep provides ample space for creativity. Notes come with four per-step modifiers, including accents, portamento, and tie, with gate lengths customizable for each note. Probability levels add an element of chance to gates and modifiers, allowing for dynamic sequencing.

The arpeggiator is feature-rich, offering multiple octaves and seven direction modes, including an innovative ‘order of key press’ mode. It can inherit the ‘chemistry’ of existing sequences for evolving arpeggios and even has a Euclidean mode for creating rhythmic patterns on the fly.

In live performances, Brainstep shines with its ability to quickly create or modify patterns, switch between sequencer and arpeggiator modes, and record seamlessly. Live recording modes allow for capturing keyboard presses or arpeggiator output with overdub functionality.

Envelope and modulation generation are robust, with each track capable of outputting multiple envelopes and LFOs. Drum sample output, CV control, multiple clocking options, MIDI connectivity, and microtonal support further expand Brainstep’s capabilities.

Its multi-track architecture allows for independent operation of sequencers, arpeggiators, and drum samples simultaneously. Detailed features such as note modifiers, lengths, and probability levels provide granular control over your compositions.

Brainstep’s compact Eurorack design, made in Berlin, Germany, ensures it fits seamlessly into your modular setup, offering a powerful and versatile tool for electronic music production.

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