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NI presents Komplete Sounds

NI KOMPLETE SOUND is a massive and highly affordable collection of outstanding ensembles, sounds and samples for NI´s range of software instruments – combining all eight products from the NI SOUNDLINE into one single package. NI KOMPLETE SOUND tremendously expands the sonic arsenal of REAKTOR, KONTAKT, BATTERY, FM7, ABSYNTH and B4, making it an ideal supplement for all owners of the NI KOMPLETE 2 bundle. NI KOMPLETE SOUND ships on one DVD with a single installer that provides a convenient installation process for all components included in the bundle.

NI KOMPLETE SOUND contains the following products:

– REAKTOR Electronic Instruments Vol. 1

– REAKTOR Electronic Instruments Vol. 2

– BATTERY Studio Drums

– Synthetic Drums

– FM7 Sounds Vol. 1

– FM7 Sounds Vol. 2

– ABSYNTH Sounds Vol. 1

– B4 Tonewheel Set “Vintage Expansion”

NI KOMPLETE SOUND will be available in March 2005 for a suggested retail price of $339 / 289 Euro. Owners of NI KOMPLETE CARE 2005 will be able to take advantage of an exclusive discount price of $229 / 199 Euro.

NI presents Electronic Instruments 2 XT

ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS 2 XT is the extended version of NI´s award-winning REAKTOR instrument collection. The new version contains all the unique synthesizers, drum machines and effects from the collection as individual self-contained software instruments. Each of the eight instruments in ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS 2 XT can be run both standalone as well as in all major plugin formats, without relying on a REAKTOR or REAKTOR SESSION installation.

The eight instruments included in Electronic Instruments 2 XT are:

PHOTONE . hybrid master synthesizer

LIMELITE . advanced beat composer

METAPHYSICAL FUNCTION .soundscape synthesizer

KRYPT . granular drum machine

AKKORD . sequenced chord generator

FAST FX . advanced performance effects

RESOCHORD . programmable polyphonic resonator

CYAN . extended vintage chorus

The original ensemble versions are also included on the disc for optional editing in REAKTOR. ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS 2 XT also ships with a printed manual covering all included instruments.

ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS 2 XT will be available in February 2005 for a suggested retail price of $169 / 149 Euro.

NI reissues Reaktor Electronic Instruments 1

NI reissues Reaktor Electronic Instruments 1

Following the recent launch of Electronic Instruments 2, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is now also offering an enhanced version of the first REAKTOR instrument collection as a convenient download purchase.

The Electronic Instruments 1 collection consists of the drum machine Rhythmaker, the lead synthesizer Titan, the bass synth Grobian, the pad synth Atmotion, the envelope controlled multieffects unit EnFX, the dub delay Longflow and the filter bank Anima. The reissued version is now optimized for Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session, and contains various enhancements to the instruments.