Hercules introduces DeeJay Trim USB audio interface

Hercules, the computer DJ entertainment specialist, unveils the DeeJay Trim 4&6, a USB Audio Interface built for advanced DJ’s who already have a DJ control surface but no audio interface. This professional audio interface not only provides you with an extra USB hub that prevents compatibility issues on some laptops, but also offers a way to preview, talk over and export your mixes. The DeeJay Trim 4&6, recently showcased at Musikmesse 2009 in Germany, will be available in June 2009 for the suggested retail price $249.99.

The advanced, ultra-portable digital interface features a 4-channel output: two +4dBu ¼” Jack outputs for PA equipment and four -10dBv RCA outputs for mixing decks and conventional amplifiers.  The 4 input / 4 output configurations can be switched to a 2 input / 6 output configuration, enabling users to transfer 2 stereo tracks separately to an external mixing deck, while adding a third stereo track for samples, loops and effects.  The 4-channel input has a line level for connecting and mixing with an external MP3/CD player and a phono level for connecting vinyl turntables. 

As a top DJ you will also need the included headphone output for monitoring and mixing your tracks as well as the microphone input with a talk-over mode for mixing with the background music. The preamplifiers on 4-channel inputs support high-level sources such as a CD player and turntables and each features a view-meter. The 2 stereo preamplifiers adjust the volume of the 4-channel analogue inputs. Finally, offering the versatility an advanced to Pro DJ needs, the DeeJay Trim 4&6 features a 3-port high-speed USB hub with power adapter to plug in your DJ controller and external storage devices. Powering the high-speed USB hub’s separately secures the audio output level on all configurations and avoids compatibility issues on some laptops whose USB ports have a too low voltage.

“To meet the needs of advanced and pro DJ’s, we designed the DeeJay Trim 4&6 to be an audio interface that is better than a standard music audio interface. Most standard audio interfaces which are not built specifically for DJ’s lack a number of key functions. We our proud to offer these key functions which include a talk-over feature, a phono input level for connecting turntables and a pre-amplified headphone output for previewing mixes,” says François Garet, Product Development Director of the DJing solutions range for Hercules.

The essence of technology and connectivity, the DeeJay Trim 4&6 perfectly meets all DJ requirements, while offering exemplary stability. The unit features a steel casing, two handles mounted on the audio interface’s front face for easy handling and four wide-non-slip pads for perfect stability. It also features view-meters with 6 LED’s per channel visible on the front face, which provides convenient control over the audio interface’s volume, whether mixing standing, seated or with CD cases stacked on the unit.

The DeeJay Trim 4&6 is compatible with Windows XP and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit)/WDM and ASIO, as well as Mac OS 10.4 & 10.5.





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