Adam to introduce new AX-Series at the Messe

ADAM introduced a new top line of studio monitors, the SX-Series, at the Prolight & Sound (Frankfurt, Germany) and at the AES (New York, USA) in 2009. Now ADAM Audio proudly presents a similar evolution to the A series, the AX series. The new A5X and A7X are joined by two new models, the A3X and A8X. All models of the new AX-Series now profit from the technological improvements found in ADAM’s top line monitors.

The New Models: AX-Series
The changes made to the A5X and the A7X are not simply developments but a fundamental revision of the A-Series. ADAM Audio took all aspects of the performance of the original A-Series and overhauled and improved them.

One of the main improvements of the top line monitors SX-Series, the X-ART tweeter, now replaces the ART tweeter in the new AX versions. The X-ART tweeter features an even higher efficiency and maximum sound pressure level as well as a frequency response up to 50kHz. All woofers and amplifiers have also been reengineered from scratch, featuring larger voice-coils and amps with twice the power for higher linear excursions and more output. Last but not least, the cabinets have been redesigned, all models sport two bass reflex ports.

Finally, two completely new models complement the AX-Series. The A3X is now ADAMs smallest monitor ever, and the larger A8X opens the door to midfield monitoring and is the top of the AX line.




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