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Felix Cartal talks Reason – Video Interview

Felix Cartal spent his early years as a musical pinch hitter… filling in for local Vancouver rock bands whenever they suddenly needed a member. After taking a class on MIDI production in high school, however, Cartal realized both the advantages of being a solo artist and the power of producing with Reason. His sound still borrows heavily from his punk rock origins, using synths to convey the heaviness and aggression normally coming from guitar amps. After successful releases on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records and tours with MSTRKRFT, Felix Cartal is still driven by his band roots both in sound and production philosophy.

Propellerhead Releases Reason Disco School – new funk flavored ReFill

Propellerhead Releases Reason Disco School – new funk flavored ReFill

Propellerhead Software today announced the immediate availability of Reason Disco School ReFill for Reason, Propellerhead’s award-winning music production system. The Reason Disco School ReFill library explores the classic sounds that came out of three of Disco’s biggest capitals: New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Propellerhead Reason and Record – 52 Tips and Tricks

Just one year ago James Bernard set himself the challenge to produce a video with tips and/or tricks each week for Reason and Record users. And he delivered! 52 weeks long he published a video per week. Last week he published the final 52nd video of the whole series. Nothing else to do for you then to take all that knowledge of these past 52 weeks and use for good!

Artist Interview – Jakwob on Reason and Record

In January 2011 James Jacob, better known to his fans as Jakwob, went to the United States for his first major North American tour. The Propelleheads cameras met up with him in San Francisco, California to see him live in front of five thousand eager Dubstep fans.

Printz Board (The Black Eyed Peas) talks Reason

We love these behind the scenes/production videos here at They show so much more. How and why users use the software they have chosen. This time it’s the musical director of the Black Eyed Peas, Printz Board showing us how he creates a track with Propellerheads Reason.

Free Guitar Refill from Propellerhead

It’s getting near Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanza / Yule / Solstice / Festivus or just about any other reason to celebrate, eat too much and give gifts.

Loopmasters Patchworx Competition – Create Patches and Win

Loopmasters Patchworx Competition – Create Patches and Win

Loopmasters is giving you the opportunity to show your sound design skills. If you like to show what you got there is a catch however. You have to hurry as the deadline of the Loopmasters Patchworx Competition is the 30th of november. And that’s next week already!

More Fairlight for your Reason – Video

Six months since the release of the original Fairlight CMI Legacy ReFill, Bitley releases this completely new version. Being nearly 10 times as large, here comes the new refill, originally code named “Supersonic“.

Bomb Squads Hank Shocklee talking Reason – Video

Ask someone to describe hip hop music and they might say “slow beats at 90BPM, gritty samples, and politically charged rhymes from the streets.” They might not know it but they’re describing hip hop as we know it thanks to Hank Shocklee. It’s no exaggeration to say that not since George Martin has a producer had as much influence in the direction and development of a cultural movement. Hank doesn’t stop to reflect on all his accomplishments, however. He just continues to do what he always has… make music. Since the early 2000s, Shocklee moved his elaborate hardware based production workflow out of the studio rack and into the Reason rack.

For this interview, there were too many great stories to fit into a single interview so be sure to check out Hank Shocklee’s deleted scenes. They follow after the artist interview!

Suckers they be saying they can take out Adam Horovitz!

The Beastie Boys could probably lay claim to a few very prestigious titles. They are one of the longest surviving acts in Hip Hop, one of the best selling, one of the most respected, and one of the most experimental. During the last 3 decades they have gone from Hardcore Punk to Rap and just about everywhere else in the genre catalog, spawning hit after hit in the process.

CycleOn Combinator Refill from Peff – Video

Earlier this year Peff releases CycleOn which is a real-time playback system for ReCycle REX loops. This combinator based instrument patch is designed to create live performance and DJ Style effects using Propellerhead Software Record + Reason 4.0 (both applications are required).